Our Story

The Potter's Family

We are a family empowerment organization. Our home base is in Saint Louis du Nord, Haiti. However, we have babies from all over the northwest zone come to our program.

The formula program admitted its first official baby David (right), in January of 2019. David had been found in a pile of trash. When he was found, he was brought to the church to see if anyone would take him. A lady volunteered as she had a 4-month-old at home. When she wasn’t able to breastfeed both babies, she went looking for help. God sent her to the program He created: The Potter’s Family. 

The program is designed for babies who have lost their mother in or shortly after childbirth. It is a partnership between the baby’s caregivers and our program. The caregivers bring the babies in every two weeks for a weigh in and to get formula. More importantly, we have a pastor there ministering to them during these visits. Our program teaches the caregivers about basic childhood development and ways to bond with the baby. We also help the families enroll in a vaccine program and cover any medical expenses the baby might have.

Our name comes from the idea that the Potter, our heavenly Father, is forming each one of these families. When the families start our program, they are coming to us during the worst time in their lives. They have lost a wife or a sister or a daughter, but they also have a piece of her left in a beautiful baby. They come to us hurt and broken. We want them to leave knowing that God can take those broken pieces and make something beautiful out of it. Their family might not take the shape that they had originally thought, but they can be part of the Potter’s family.

Tore holding David when he was a couple days old
Map of Haiti